June 2013

In the existing building works connected with the execution of walls and partitions, internal plasters, wall facing and painting, external metalwork, elevations, acoustical structures in the dressing rooms and other elements of internal decorations were continued. In the extended part internal plasters, gypsum finish, wall facing and painting, floors and horizontal insulation, as well as suspended ceilings were executed. In the scope of low-current installations, the works encompassed structural cabling, the CCTV system, the Access Control system, the Audio-Video system, whereas in the scope of sanitary installations ? ventilation, glycol recovery installation, water supply and wastewater installations and installations in the boiler house were executed.
On 12, 19 and 26 June technical councils were held with the participation of the contractor, the designer, the Contract Engineer and the Investor. On 26 June at the meeting of the Contract Engineer and the General Contractor with the Silesian Provincial Monuments Conservator decisions were made in the subject of the manner of executing the elevations, maintaining the vertical bands in the staircase of the 2nd floor, the manner of the reconstruction of arches in the bypass corridor of the 2nd floor and in the J axis, the colours of the window woodwork.
On 19 June, having sent relevant enquiries, the Investor selected the most favourable offer and signed the Agreement No. 3/R/SF/2013 with Centrum Technologii Budownictwa przy Politechnice Rzeszowskiej sp. z o.o. /Building Technology Centre at the Rzeszów University of Technology, Ltd./ for the preparation of a technical evaluation of the suspension elements of historic chandeliers, with the time limit of 30 June 2013. The Investor also informed the administrator of the real estate located at of Plac Wolności 3 that by the time of obtaining specific indications from the County Construction Supervision Inspector (letter for the decision dated 7 June 2013), for the sake of the tenants? safety, a temporary solution of the chimney elevation would be implemented, in compliance with the drawing provided earlier. On 28 June the Annex No. 1 to the Agreement No. 2/R/SF/ZP/2012 dated 27 February 2012 was signed, postponing the time limit for the completion and acceptance of the construction works to 30 October 2013. In this Annex the General Contractor confirmed its readiness for the installation and intonation of the organ on dates specified together with Schuke.