The Silesian Philharmonic is an institution established in order to propagate and disseminate the musical culture. We implement this task comprehensively, undertaking actions at many levels. 

Talents, competence, comprehensiveness and responsibility of all members of the Philharmonic community, over 50 years of tradition in shaping the cultural life of the region, top quality instruments and skilful application of the latest technology achievements ? this is the foundation for our activities. Thanks to high-level performance activity of our ensembles we are able to accompany our listeners nearly every day. 

We understand the dissemination of music  as regular presentation of a rich programme offer, comprising symphonic, choral, chamber and organ music of all genres, but also as a mission to shape and refine the taste of our recipients. In the region of Silesia, in Poland and abroad, we present the best achievements of the art of music ? from the world?s greatest masterpieces to the lesser-known music, nevertheless extremely valuable and worth promoting. We attach great importance to promoting the output of Polish composers ? including the music by Silesian authors, especially by our patron, Henryk Mikołaj Górecki. 

We attach special importance to selecting and supporting young musical talents. The Grzegorz Fitelberg International Competition for Conductors, which we prepare as its main organiser, is a perfect opportunity to discover young masters of the baton, to promote the art of conducting and to strengthen the position of the Silesian Philharmonic. 

We actively cooperate with musical education centres in the region, supporting the most gifted young musicians ? performers and composers ? in gaining their first professional stage experience. 

Recognising the need to attract more music lovers, to improve the level of musical awareness and the aesthetics of the common recipient, we take special care of preparing children and teenagers to the role of a conscious listener, able to benefit from the high culture. This goal is reached by a number of educational programmes, developed and consequently implemented by the Philharmonic for years now. 

The Silesian Philharmonic constitutes an integral element of the cultural strategy and policy of the region, contributing significantly to the dynamic social development. For nearly seven decades we have been an ambassador of the musical culture of the region in Poland and abroad. Today the Silesian Philharmonic proudly contributes to the creation of a multicultural space of common Europe.