December 2010

Strengthening of the building?s foundations is being continued by the jet-grouting method. It consists in injecting concrete into openings (0,7 m wide and over 5 m deep). During the opencast works it turned out that the construction of the concert hall?s pillars was different than what had been supposed in the construction desing. This situation required submitting those pillars to expert evaluation in order to measure their carrying capacity. As a result, the jet-grouting works have been suspended. An independent company prepared the expert evaluation and informed the investor about the results. The designer, Consultor sp. z o.o., prepared a new technical documentation for some additional protection of the building?s construction, in conformity with the expert evaluation. Before resuming the jet-grouting works, the back walls of the existing building have been anchored, as some other earthwork is planned next to these walls, where new foundations will be laid. Many additional opencast works have been made in several parts of this building of great historical value, in order to examine thoroughly the real technical condition of the walls.