March 2013

At the construction site the scope of works in the existing building comprised the execution of walls, partitions and casings, shotcreting, vertical insulation, internal plasters, skim coats, wall lining and painting. External metalwork and elevation works were executed. Works in the area of the roof and the patio were continued. In both parts finishing works connected with the interior design and heating and ventilation installations were continued. The total value of the construction works in March 2013 reached PLN 1,248,064.90.
On 6, 13 and 27 March technical councils were held at the construction site with the participation of the contractor, the designer, the Contract Engineer and the investor. On 19 March negotiations were held concerning additional works reported in six necessity reports for the final amount of PLN 488,005.27. The contract on additional works was forwarded to the General Contractor for its signature.