January 2014

The construction closing to its end, in January the works of the General Contractor in the existing building comprised finishing works, especially on décor elements. In the extended part they mainly focused on staircases, the roof, internal plasters and gypsum finish. Electric, low voltage and sanitary installations in both parts were also completed. The land development was finalized. 
The total value of the construction works amounted to  PLN 423,664.62 net.
On 27 January the intonation of the organ was commenced, conducted simultaneously with the works on the surface of the casing of the organ. The Committee of the Development of the City of Katowice visited the site (14 January). 7 bids were filed at the tender procedure on the fittings of bathrooms. The most beneficial of them turned out to be the bid of W&W Design from Katowice, with the value of PLN 37,825.28 net. On 31 January the Henryk Mikołaj Górecki Silesian Philharmonic obtained the facility occupancy permit.